Friday, March 30, 2012

Interview Questions

What is the default file group name in SQL Server ?

To which filegroup Transaction log file is associated with ?
-- LDF file is not associated with any of file group

Is it possible to configure DB Mirroring to multiple Mirror Sites ?
-- The Answer is NO since 2008 R2, It is possible from 2012 onwards.

Is it possible to configure Mirroring and Logshipping on the same database ?
-- The Answer is YES

Is it possible to generate backup from the Mirror Server database?
-- The Answer is NO, but it is possible using SQL Server 2012 Always on availability replicas.
What is the code name for SQL Server 2012
Denali for 2012, Katmai for 2008, Kilimanjaro for 2008R2

There are 3 SQL Instances on one physical server. How many SQL Browser services will be installed on that server ?
-- The Answer is ONE, because sql browser is a shared service, Inadditon to SQL browser we have different shared services like Active Directory Helper.

How can you enable Instant File Initialization ?
By adding SQL Service account into perform volume maintenance tasks we can do that.

Is MSDTC is must to install SQL Server 2008 Failover cluster ?
-- The Answer is NO, it gives a warning message if MSDTC is not selected. But if you want to install SSIS,
or distributed transactions, then surely we need to install MSDTC.

What is the maximum limit of non-clustered indexes can be created on a table ?
-- The Answer is 999

How many IP addresses are required to configure 2 node cluster
1. Two public network addresses for node1 and node2
2. Two private network addresses for node1 and node2
3. Windows Cluster IP
5. Virtual Server IP

Will Attach_Rebuild_Log function builds a new log file incase of abnormal database shutdown?
The Answer is NO,that option ATTACH_REBUILD_LOG function will only works whenever database is cleanly shutdown if Log file is missing.

How differential backup is generated ?
Differential backup is generated based on the changed extents. But to have a differential backup initially we need to generate a full backup.

Backup Compression available in which versions of SQL Server ?
Initially it is available only in 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition, later it was added to SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition.

What is default SQL Server port number ?

The Answer is 1433.

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