Saturday, June 23, 2012

sp_MSforeachdb Examples

Without using cursor we can execute a command in all the databases or on required databases by using sp_MSforeachdb.

sp_MSforeachdb 'select ''?'''   -- List all databases that are in the instance. '?' Indicated Database Name

sp_MSforeachdb 'Use [?]; exec sp_spaceused'  -- Example to execute any stored procedure

sp_MSforeachdb 'Use [?]; select * from sysfiles'  -- Example to execute any SQL Statement

sp_MSforeachdb 'Use [?]; Create table ForEachDBTest(Id Int)'  -- Creating a table in all databases

sp_MSforeachdb 'Use [?]; select * from ForEachDBTest'   -- Selecting rows from a table through all databases.

sp_MSforeachdb 'If ''?'' like ''TempDB''    -- Conditional wise execution
select * from sysfiles
end '
Below command is used to display list of databases which has Create Statistics property is set to True

EXEC sp_MSforeachdb N'IF DatabasePropertyEx(''?'', ''ISAutocreateStatistics'')=1  
 Print ''?''

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