Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pre-Installation Failover Cluster CheckList

Pre-Installation cluster checklist

Ensure BIOS, RAID controller and HBA firmware is up to date.

Ensure Server OS is update to date with latest patch levels.

Ensure all drivers are up to date especially network and HBA drivers.

Add SQL Service Account to Lock Pages in memory, Perform Volume maintenance tasks.

Ensure SQL Service Accounts are created in Active Directory prior to the installation.

Each node will have identical hardware, drivers, and software and configuration settings.

All nodes must belong to same domain.

Quorum drive must be on its dedicated disk of 500 MB or larger.

Avoid running antivirus on SQL Server cluster.

NICs configured as teamed and set to FULL duplex and maximum network speed.

Ensure all nodes are added to SCOM for monitoring.

Try to setup a dedicated drive for tempdb data and log files

Create MSDTC resource

Private LAN isolated from all network infrastructure

Only TCP/IP configured on all networks

Ping all IP addresses of each network adapter on each node from a machine not in cluster.


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