Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Get-Help examples in Powershell

get-help - This displays information and examples about the powershell cmdlets

PS C:\> get-help             -- Displays help about get-help

    Windows PowerShell Help System

PS C:\> get-help get-help -Online        -- Displays online versin of get-help command, it displays help in browser

PS C:\> \get-help get-process               -- Displays help about the get-process cmdlet

PS C:\> \get-help get-process -full       -- Full switch helps to display complete information along with switches, descirptions and examples.

PS C:\> \get-help get-process -examples -- Displays only examples of the get-process cmdlet

PS C:\> get-help get*                               -- Displays all cmdlets starts with get

PS C:\> get-help about_split | more         -- Displays information about the split command, usage and examples

    Explains how to use the Split operator to split one or more strings into

PS C:\> get-help dir -examples                -- Displays examples of the dir commnad


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