Monday, July 23, 2012

Database Mirroring Questions

1. Is it possible to setup database mirroring between standard and enterprise edition
No, It is not possible.

2. How can we setup mirroring for MSDB database ?
No, It is not possible to setup mirroring for system databases (master, model, msdb, tempdb), it is possible only for user databases

3. Is it possible to rename Mirroring Database ?
No, It is not possible to rename a database when mirroring is enabled on it.

4. What are different modes available in database mirroring ?
 a) High Performance -- It is also known as asynchronous mode, in this mode principal server sends transaction log to mirror server without waiting for any acknowledgement. Transactions are in the principal server commits without waiting mirror server to commit. (Transaction Safety Off)

 b) High Safety -- It is also called as synchronous mode, every transaction in the principal will be commited after getting acknowledgement from the mirror server. The transaction on the principal server will be released only after commited at mirror server. The high safety mode protects data. (Transaction Safety -- Full)

5. Can we enable mirroring and logshipping on same database ?
Yes, we can setup mirroring and logshipping on primary database with one difference, incase of logshipping we can map one primary with multiple secondary servers, it is not possible in mirroring. It is one to one.

6. Is it possible to query mirroring database ?
Yes it is possible only using database snapshots, otherwise it is not possible.

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