Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tabular Data Stream (TDS) SQL Server

Tabular Data Stream -- It is a application layer protocol specific to sql server for communication between sql server and client applications. SQL Server Network Interface (SNI) is a protocol layer used by SQL Server instance to communicate with SQL Native client using a generic protocol like tcp/ip. When a client wants to communicate with SQL Server, then SNI packages the message into TDS and send over the network. On the server side there are different end points listening for TDS packets.

What is endpoint ?
A SQL Server end point is the place of entry into SQL Server. SQL Server communicates with network using endpoints, there are various types of endpoints which supports specific type of communication.

To view the endpoints of sql server
select * from sys.endpoints  -- Displays list of end points exists in the SQL Server.

There is one specific endpoint for DAC (Dedicated Administrator Connection) and other endpoints for specific to each protocol. There are two types of endpoints a) system endpoints b) user endpoints
By default SQL Server creates endpoints in the sql server instance one for each protocol. If you want to create any user endpoints we can create using create endpoint, alter endpoint, drop endpoint etc., commands.

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